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woo been scouted

2009-12-16 07:12:48 by daxxydaxxy

just when i gave up i left this site for a while i got scouted so now im back =]

my artwork needs a scoutin!

2009-10-24 14:07:32 by daxxydaxxy

well as everyone who was scouted had become unscouted and i want my scouting back :\ i want ti to be seen and i like to look at the unscouted work too so if u like my work please scout cheers =D heres my forum thread pic/1097873

art portal unscouting

2009-10-06 07:19:36 by daxxydaxxy

someone else posted a picture on my art section and now ive been unscouted!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!! that is all

game in progress!

2009-08-20 18:13:02 by daxxydaxxy

currently the jeff game is in the making and all audio artists are welcoem to submit there music sorry no pic and were workngi hard on this one

art portal

2009-07-26 11:16:45 by daxxydaxxy

well ive been looking for sum good art if u think is good i shale have a look see and might scout


2009-07-22 11:00:13 by daxxydaxxy

just wanted to say go to my accont and check out my art! :]

jeff animation underway!

2009-03-29 12:47:36 by daxxydaxxy

pretty much all of you who are goin to read this have no idea who jeff is but u might do in the future or summit when i post his ass on here just felt like slapping a screenshot on here

jeff animation underway!

tell me what you think

2008-12-16 11:33:22 by daxxydaxxy

ive come up with this new character i need a few opions on how he looks and what his name should be at the moment his name is jeff i tend to think he looks like a jeff but im up for suggestions

tell me what you think


2008-09-22 17:47:39 by daxxydaxxy

after goin threw all my other ideas if finally ended up with a project ive been wanting to do for ages but decided not to in the past for other many reasons. i have a sort of passion for gore and zombies and have been trying to cover this up with cute cartoons (which i never posted here on ng) but anyway i just wanted to post sum of the charter design i did today. ive had this character for a few weeks now but i decided to cover him in blood and give him a mask over his simple face.anyway im thinking about recruiting animators to partisapate in this project but i haven't decided yet but if ur interested in taking part in whatever field ur good in flash particularly audio caus i want a decent zombie adrenaline or calm and creepy tune much like the theme for 28 weeks later if uve seen the film u would understand were im coming from anyway heres the screen shot...yes i know i could have posted in forums about this if i decide to recruit i will do so.


doeies game

2008-07-13 10:44:02 by daxxydaxxy

hey for all the people have seen my sort clip and read my other posts you already know of my characters Doeies and that i am currently working on a short film which brings me onto something else i am currently working on. the Doeies game! yup i decided that the short animation im currently am working on would confuse people seeming as they don't know there background story or how they gained there addiction to pie so why not have people experience this hands on in a game instead of me just showing them threw the art of film plus games are fun =D.right now onto about the game

you play as a Doeie as he furiously side scroll his way threw the neighborhood and the house until he finally makes his way to...well you'll have to play the game to find out :P hehe im such a asshole.anyway comment recommend things u would want to see in a game on new grounds i also want to hear your options!!! also heres a random screen shot from the project.enjoy...please excuse the picture quality and the dots theres none of that crap in the game.

doeies game